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Gullendah Pastoral Co. was established in 1908 by the Hughes family in Baldry, Central Western New South Wales. The company is a commercially-focused business run over 4800 hectares, where there is an emphasis on sustainable agriculture, animal welfare, productivity and innovation. The animals we produce are bred to perform in the extremes of the Australian environment.

Gullendah Pastoral Co. owns and manages three sheep studs - Gullendah Dohne Stud, and Gullendah Merino and Poll Merino Studs.

Each year we sell over 400 rams to five states around Australia, with genetics also going to New Zealand and South America. Rams can be purchased at our annual On-Property Ram Sale each September and grade rams are available for sale all year round.

The scale of Gullendah's commercial sheep operation has increased in recent years, with the aggregation of two additional adjoining properties. This has enabled us to benchmark our studs, which offers us greater assurance of providing the best quality sheep that are proven in a strict commercial environment.

Why Choose Gullendah?

  • micron testing
  • fleece weighing
  • muscle and fat scanning
  • weaning and post-weaning weights

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41st Annual On-Property

Ram Sale

19 September 2023

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