Andrew ,Margot and Peter Hughes 3

Originally Publicans in the Lithgow area, John Hughes purchased Gullendah in 1908. Wallace Raymond Hughes then carried on the farming operation until son Peter Hughes took the reins upon his father’s passing in 1989. Now working closely with his father, Andrew Hughes is the 4th generation of Hughes to farm within the Baldry area.

Now fourth generation sheep farmers, the Hughes family operate Gullendah Pastoral Company on 11,000 acres at Baldry in Central West New South Wales. Gullendah Pastoral Company comprises the properties known as Gullendah, Ardell, Cookamobil and Gunnawarra all of which are adjoining properties within the Baldry locality.

Gullendah is a family owned and operated pastoral company running approximately 23,000 head of sheep at its fullest capacity and more conservatively 18,000 head of sheep generally.

A predominantly sheep based operation, comprising of 3000 stud ewes and 5000 commercial ewes. Gullendah Pastoral Company also runs approximately 200 Shorthorn and Shorthorn Santa cross cows, and crops approximately 2,000 acres of wheat, barley and oats which is predominantly used for grazing.