In 2001 Gullendah Dohne Stud was established with the purchase of 4 Stud ewes from the Summerfield Dohne Stud, WA. Extensive Embryo Transfer and Artificial insemination programs were then used to speed up stud numbers. In recent years diversity has been added to the stud by purchasing in-lamb ewes and proven sires from the Potari Stud in South Australia, allowing us to diversify our genetic pool.

Gullendah Dohnes

Founded in 2001 Gullendah is the home of the First Pure Australian Dohne. With a mix of South African and Foundation Flock genetics, Gullendah breeds rams that are large framed, well muscled with crimpy stylish white wool. We have, and continue to, select from the top end of each lambing for the continuation of our breeding program. We believe we have some of the finest Australian Dohnes here at Gullendah.

Gullendah Dohnes are suited to all climates and environments proven through repeat sales to 5 states and annual sales exceeding 350 Dohne rams.

Gullendah Dohnes:
  • Offer well crimped, soft, stylish & structured wool that will handle all climatic conditions.
  • Are large framed, well muscled &productive.
  • Are bred from sires in the top 10% for eye muscle.
  • Flock ewes average 5-6 kg Wool Cut.
  • Achieve an average 18-20 Micron.
  • Have high fertility with 140% lambing rates.
  • Are good mothers with ease of lambing.
  • Offer a plain body for ease of management & fly control.

With over 4450ha and an average rainfall of 700mm, Gullendah runs 8,000 ewes, of which 1,500 are Stud Dohne ewes, providing a large genetic base for selective breeding. Breeding which has focused on developing sheep suitable to a wide range of environments. Gullendah Dohnes are proven to be versatile and productive in 5 states of Australia.

2013 sires

We asked some of our valued customers why they like Gullendah Dohnes so much and this is what they had to say:

Butch Davidson, Memagong Young NSW

I wanted to change to a dual purpose breed to increase my overall returns and still be in the wool industry.
Gullendah provides good quality wool with a long bodied, well muscled sheep with excellent fertility.

Peter McSwan Brenda Station Goodooga NSW

I buy Dohnes from Gullendah for their Doing Ability.
They hold up well in our environment and have excellent wool and a great carcase.

Rod Ross Glenthomson Longreach QLD

I am very happy with the Gullendah rams. They do much better in our environment than others I have had. They have great constitution.
They are great mothers and we get 10-15% more lambs than before.

  • On Tuesday 22nd September 2015 Gullendah will hold its 36th Annual On-Property Ram Sale.


Gullendah’s top priced Dohne Ram purchased by Peter Conn, Kombyana Dohne Stud, Wellington for $9000. Also the Australian 2012 top priced Ram, for on-property Dohne Ram sales.